Trans-seasonal means —

that unlike other brands we do not produce seasonal ranges. Instead we aim to create garments with versatility and longevity in mind, giving our items a shelf life much longer than just one season. Our collections are available year-round and we release updates on old designs plus new pieces every few months. One more thing:

— no sales —

No sales, ever. We don’t believe in sale items and are actively trying to disrupt the sale-frenzy attitude that we currently have in the fashion industry and our consumer heavy culture. 

With so much of what is bought yearly being purchased on a whim (and usually, on sale) only to be worn once and thrown away we decided to put a stop to our part in this cycle.

This belief goes hand in hand with our trans-seasonal philosophy. We have no seasonal stock and therefore no end of season sales. Because everything we make is also hand-made to order we also have no ‘dead-stock’ to get rid of. The only exception to this are our sample sales which we hold bi-annually which include discounted prices on faulty or one-off garments. Follow our Instagram to keep up with our next event.