We offer two versions of our designs: permanent and dead-stock collections.

All of our pieces are made to last. We aim to create timeless, versatile garments to last a life time and give you various fabric options when purchasing these.


Our permanent collection gives you our designs in fabrics we source from our suppliers year-round. We only use natural fibres in our permanent collection and go organic whenever we can. In this way we are making sure our consumer choices as a brand are as responsible as they can be.


Our dead stock range offers versions of our designs using limited edition and one-off fabrics. We source these fabrics from companies who have discontinued production of these materials, so all our designs made from dead-stock fabrics are strictly limited and once they run out, can’t be restocked. While we favour natural fibres in our dead-stock collections sometimes we source fabric which may have some poly content. However as we are purchasing these rolls which are re-sold from other distributors our consumer choices as a brand are not directly fuelling the demand to produce more of this fabric (or its makeup). Sometimes for example, we will purchase a roll of fabric to give it another life before it would inevitably be sent to landfill.