Custom Fit 

As we pattern-make and grade all of our pieces by hand we currently only stock sizes XS-XL in our general range. This is not to disclude larger or smaller sizes from purchasing our clothing but as a small business it would be very time consuming to grade up any more than our standard 5 sizes for each design. Bedroom celebrates all body types so if you find yourself outside (or in between) this size range we encourage you to get in contact with us as we are happy to do custom sizing. 

Our standard sizing also includes height — something we found many independent brands were lacking. By incorporating a height option into our sizing guide we aim to provide you with a more tailored fit every time.



As well as offering custom fitting we also pride ourselves on our free alterations and repairs. While we do our best to make sure our clothing fits you right every time, the standardisation of body shapes and sizes is a myth and therefore standard sizing is not a guarantee of correct fit. So, if you purchase something from us and you find it’s not quite right for whatever reason we will alter it for free!

It’s always easier for us to alter items before they have been fully made, so if you have any hesitation about sizing get in contact before hand and we can usually tweak things easily for you. We understand that bodies also fluctuate so if you purchase something and find you need it re-sized in the future we can also accommodate this.



We hope you wear your Bedroom pieces time after time, and with wear comes tear. It’s only natural that your clothing ages over time, and even the best made pieces can be worn so much that they need a little TLC. If something from us is broken, don’t throw it out, send it in and we will fix it for you to the best of our ability.