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Bedroom The Label is a Melbourne based clothing brand that focuses on ethical and responsible consumption of fashion.

Bedroom began as a happy accident in the summer of 2016. After teaching herself to sew Grace spent the summer making clothes on her bedroom floor — at first for herself, then friends, friends of friends and eventually launched her label a few short months after. 

We are proudly made to order from start to finish in Melbourne. All of our items are designed, drafted, graded, sewn and pressed at our Fitzroy studio by us ensuring that our manufacturing process is completely transparent — something we consider as the cornerstone of how we operate. We encourage anyone interested to see how their clothes are made to come and visit us in our studio and see exactly where and in what conditions all our items are produced. 

Our collections and made from the finest high-quality permanent fabric range as well as limited edition deadstock fabrics which we rotate regularly. 


Photo: Kristen Grace